Concert Design tribute to Judy Loman.
Judy Loman was honoured at the "Harps Across the Water"
reception at the 38th National American Harp Society
Conference, June 2008, Dearborn Michigan.



Judy Loman
photo courtesy Mike Ethier

Anita Leschied wrote that Judy was amazed at how the harpists had compiled all her archives for the evening, the time spent getting stories, and the Canadian atmosphere created.


Judy Loman
photo courtesy Mike Ethier

During the evening, a Concert Design Harp Chair was presented to Judy. Anita told us that "the first thing she did was raise it all the way up 'finally I can be as tall as I need to be!' I don't think we could have picked a more appropriate gift."

Judy Loman
photo courtesy Mike Ethier

Judy wrote: "The chair is so useful in my studio. Every student sits at a different height and this just makes everything easy. I am delighted to have a new chair."

If you look hard, Judy is sitting on the new harp chair in the above picture.


More pictures to come of Judy's studio and her students. Check back later.


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